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Roadtrip/Car Games
I Spy To play “I Spy,” find an object in your surroundings, state, “I spy with my little eye something that starts with….” and the first letter of your chosen object. The child will guess what the object is.

Name That TuneThink of a song that your child knows. Hum the first few notes of your song. Your child will try to guess the song.

Rock – Paper – Scissors – This game is intended for two players. Each throws out his or her hand in a fist form at the same time, for three times. The first two times, the hand remains in a fist. The third time, the player displays either rock, paper or scissors. Rock crushes scissors, scissors cuts paper, and paper covers rock. If two players throw out the same item, they both must throw again.

20 QuestionsIn this game, one person in the car thinks of an object or some type of substance, and others ask him or her yes or no questions about it until they discover what it is. Questions can only be ones that can be answered in a yes or no answer format. Answers may only be yes or no.

License Plate GameThis game can be done with a printout of all 50 states. Each player checks off each state as they see a license plate from that state. The object is to either find the most license plates from every state.


Games for the Car

  • Counting Cows – This game, which is also known as cow poker, involves players getting points for things they see on the trip – cows, horses etc. If you pass a cemetery, your points are gone.
  • Road Trip Car Games – A variety of road trip car games are listed here, including ones for the iPhone, alphabet words, and the car next door.
  • Activities for Kids: Car Games – This site lists many car games for kids to enjoy, such as odd or even, guess the number and are we there yet?
  • Fun Car Games for Kids – Different ways to keep kids of all ages occupied during a trip are explored here. Some of them include cat’s cradle and guess how far away that is.
  • What If? and Camping Trip Travel Games – Travel games such as what if, I spy, and thumb wrestling are described on this website.
  • 27 Free Car Games – Twenty-seven different games to play in an automobile are listed here. They include the geography game, family spelling bee and team storytelling.
  • Mathematics On The Go – Various math games for traveling purposes, intended for younger children, are included here, such as number search and off we go.
  • Car Games – Descriptions of travel games like the alphabet memory game and the name game are included on this website.
  • Travel Games for Children – Games like drawing charades, the coin game and triangles are listed here.
  • Travel Games for Kids – This website lists many travel games enjoyed by children, including alphabet hunt, number hunt and color match.

Print Your Own Car Games

  • Printable Battleship Game – Mom’s Minivan provides this printable game, based on the original board game, and the rules for it, on this site.
  • Printable Car Activities – These printables on the official Nebraska Government website include coloring pages, highway alphabet soup and city sightings.
  • Animals A to Z – This site allows you to print out a list with the alphabet and spaces for children to write animals next to each as they find them during the trip.
  • Canadian Wildlife Printables – EcoKids provides these printable coloring pages featuring wildlife found in Canada.
  • Dora’s Connect the Dots Book – Nick Jr. provides this connect the dots printable book featuring the character Dora from their cartoon “Dora the Explorer.”
  • Free Printable Travel Games – Printable color travel bingo cards in a variety of formats are featured on this site.
  • Backseat Boredom Busters – A word search and USAdventure printable games are featured on this website.
  • Printable License Plate Game Card – A template for the license plate travel game, featuring all 50 states and spaces to check off as you see each plate, is on this site.
  • Activity Pages and Games – Crayola provides these printable activity pages, games and coloring pages.
  • Happy Face Travel Game – A printable template for this game, which is a version of hangman using just a face, is featured here.

Where to Buy Car and Travel Games

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